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Start Making Your Travel Plans NOW - Join us for the 2019 Pre-Conference on Wednesday!

Friday, January 25, 2019  
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Join NALBOH for our pre-conference session on Wednesday, August 14 from 2-5 p.m. The NALBOH planning committee is pleased to bring back Sharon Lansdale and Roger Hanshaw to provide board of health members with a skill building session to strengthen governance. 

Strengthening Public Health Governance or Advisory Decision-making for Effective Public Health Policy

Sharon Lansdale - Center for Rural Health Development, Inc

Roger Hanshaw - Bowles Rice LLP

Today’s boards of health are of critical importance to the communities they serve.  Whether serving as the community’s chief health strategist, addressing the opioid crisis, ensuring their community is prepared for emergencies, or ensuring that the community is served through effective public health policies, it is important that the Board of Health or local health advisory committee be recognized as a credible organization able to implement/recommend effective public health policy.  To not do so, could have significant impact on the health of residents and the economic viability of the communities served.  Whether you are a member of a local health board, council, advisory committee or other body, local public health leaders must consider the way they perform their work, or the processes used to develop policy or advisory recommendations to ensure that they are performing at the highest level.  The consequences of mediocre performance can have significant impact on the health of all who live, work, go to school or recreate in our communities.    Regardless of the legal structure of your local health department, it is important to be intentional in the way you make decisions.  In this workshop, participants will discuss how governing boards or advisory committees should organize themselves to make effective decisions.

Registration for this workshop is included in your NALBOH conference registration.  Watch your email and, registration coming March 15, 2019!