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Funding opportunity for Health and Climate Change Solutions

Monday, December 17, 2018  
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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is working to build a Culture of Health-one where everyone in America has a fair opportunity for health and well-being. However, we know we can't do that if we don't respond to both known and emerging threats to health. Climate change is real and is already harming health across the United States.

We're seeing the health harms from climate change with increasing frequency and magnitude. From wildfires in the West to stronger, bigger hurricanes and worsening air pollution, we're seeing the consequences of not acting on climate change. Climate change is a major threat to any vision of a healthy future.

Climate change impacts everyone, but it also magnifies the inequities that prevent all people from having a fair opportunity to live a healthier life. Where you live or work, your age, if you have pre-existing health conditions or chronic illness, and your race or income all influence impact how much climate change harms your health. Some people experience greater burden and feel it sooner.

The good news is that communities across the country are devising policies and programs that address the health harms of climate change and give everyone an opportunity to live a healthier life. Health solutions can also benefit the climate-and climate solutions can help build a Culture of Health with immediate and long-term health benefits.

Through this funding opportunity, RWJF seeks to develop and amplify the evidence around a set of established approaches that improve community health and well-being, advance health equity, and also address climate change adaptation or mitigation.

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