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President's Message from Christina Dokter - December 2018

Thursday, December 13, 2018  
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I want to end the year with a bright beginning.  As I am setting goals for myself for the year to come, I decided to share the secrets of successful goal setting.  This is important because many of you on the local board will be involved in strategic planning.

The old SMART goal setting acronym has now been converted to include “attractive” instead of “attainable” for the letter “A.”   And the new recommendation is to set the goals and then set subgoals, and then set smaller daily for boards of health that might be monthly goals.

 “S” stands for specific.  If you are too broad and general about your goal, like “Become a stronger Board of Health,” then you will not achieve your goal.  A better objective would be “Discover a key problem in the community that needs our BOH support.”

“M” stands for measurable.   Once you find that key problem, what will you do that is measurable so that you know you have produced results?   If you find that there are lots of young mothers on welfare, you could measure how well the WIC services are reaching them.

“A” stands for Attractive, meaning you really want to do what you set out to do.  If you find that your community does not have a lot of young mothers in need, the focus should be elsewhere.  Also, if your Board or Health Department is not equipped to dole out WIC services, maybe the focus should be finding funding.

“R” stands for realistic.  Again, if the goal is not attainable and too far out, then it would be too difficult to pursue the goal.  The goal should be challenging enough that some energy and effort is needed, but not so difficult that it is not attainable.

“T” stands for time limited.  If you do not set a target date for achieving the goal, you may never reach the goal.

There you have it, the modernized version of SMART goal setting.   I hope all your dreams for a healthier community comes to fruition!