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November 2018 President's Message

Tuesday, November 27, 2018  
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Driving to the airport in Atlanta, a city which has recently won notoriety as having one of the worst traffic in the world, I can feel stress levels rising as cars after honking cars wait in line to rip through the city.  Stress is a funny thing.  I see many people have adjusted well to the traffic here, having graduated into urban living and trading the cost of time in traffic jams for mild weather and longer summers.  Some are just conversing and some are just listening to music.

We can be stressed or de-stress with how we approach life. During this time of Thanksgiving and holiday celebrations, I turn to the many things we can be thankful for this past year.

  • NALBOH has made it through another successful year with rising conference attendance, rising numbers of membership, and an active Board of Directors who are striving toward NALBOH excellence.
  • NALBOH also has a committed Badger Bay Management Co. which has worked hard to strengthen NALBOH.  It is taking us to bigger partnership plans with NACCHO and ASTHO.  We will be meeting in Washington this coming March to together rise to the steps of Capitol Hill and advocate for public health issues.
  • The federal government has released more than $1 billion for a two year funding to overcome the opioid epidemic, a cause on which I have campaigned my presidency.  I have met many wonderful people along the way nationally and in Georgia to stand together around this cause.
  • Public health is a never-ending cause and increasingly becoming an important issue to everyone.  This recognition is most evident after natural disasters such as hurricanes; the increasing numbers of shootings across the U.S., indicating the need to focus on mental health issues; and the need for constant assurance that our communities will be kept safe from disease and harm.